Your Parish Councillors

The full Parish Council consists of fourteen Councillors who are all unpaid volunteers living in, and serving, the community.  

They are responsible for improving the appearance of our neighbourhood, its facilities, security and policing, as well as maintaining Council owned land and property for the benefit of all residents.

The Council is supported in its work by two employees and a volunteer. Carrie Goodridge is the Clerk to the Council and Responsible Financial Officer, Paul Marks is the Green Space Manager and volunteer Damian Lang is the Highway Warden.

Get in touch

If you would like to discuss any Parish matter please do get in touch with your local Ward Coucillor who will be very happy to assist you.

John Marlow

Chairman & Great Billing

Tel: 01604 404678

Steve Rockall

Vice Chair & Ecton Brook

Tel: 07713 077133

David Brede

Little Billing

Tel: 07940 960241

Rev. Richard Burbidge

Ecton Brook

Tel: 01604 555186

Mrs Gurcharan Chaggar


Tel: 07986 905963

John Clements

Little Billing

Tel: 07764 158516

Allan Jones

Ecton Brook

Tel: 07757 889995

Michael Pearson

Great Billing

Tel: 01604 407118

Thea Smith

Little Billing

Tel: 07958 777951


Steve Ward

Ecton Brook

Tel: 01604 410548


Cheryl Worthington

Great Billing

Tel: 01604 408613


There are currently three vacancies for Parish Councillors.

If you think you can make a difference and would like to get involved please contact Carrie Goodridge, Clerk to the Council on 07395 318860 to find out more.






Ecton Brook

Support Staff

Carrie Goodridge

Clerk to the Council

Tel: 07395 318860

Paul Marks

Green Space Manager

Tel: 01604 785447

Mob: 07725 856784

Damian Lang

Highway Warden