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The Leys

The Leys was gifted to Billing Parish Council in perpetuity by the owners of Pearce’s Leather Factory.

The Leys is the area of land located between St Andrew’s Church and Fishponds Road and sweeping down the hill are the two rows of trees, planted by the Parish Council and known as Celebration Avenue. This green space is there for all to enjoy and the trees in the avenue have all been planted in memory of a passed family member or as a reminder of a favourite pet.

Celebration Avenue

Maintained by the Parish Council, there is a complex web of land drains below the surface and a regular grass cutting programme is required to maintain the area to the now expected high level without having it look like a manicured lawn. Edged around the church by the Ha-Ha wall which was refurbished (in fact virtually re-built) as a result of an application to the National Lottery the area also has wildflower meadow in the North-Eastern corner.

To the south of The Leys, the green open space sweeps down to the Orchard which was planted when there was a monastery in Great Billing Village. Many of the original trees have been identified and produce a range of different apples.

Continuing further south, the Parish Council now owns Bellinge Field and there is an ongoing programme of works to restore this area to enable it to support as much wildlife as possible as well as creating another area for the public to enjoy.