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Open spaces are important

Open spaces are very important to the parish council and a lot of time and money is spent on maintaining these ‘green lungs’ as accessible and pleasant places for all parishioners to enjoy.   To this end, in 2005 the Parish Council decided to employ a full-time Green Space Manager to manage, oversee and maintain all council owned land within the parish, which has proved extremely successful.

Clearing the Orchard

It is Billing Parish Council’s vision to restore the whole of this green space to how it would have looked at the beginning of the last century and to maintain it for future generations to enjoy.

Before Work

The orchard had become very badly overgrown with undergrowth and brambles almost obscuring the trees and the fruit trees badly in need of attention.

After work

It was agreed an attempt should be made to restore the orchard to its former glory and work is already well on the way to achieving this.