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Chairman's Annual Report 2022/2023

Several years ago the Parish Council sat down and devised the Parish Objective:

“To maintain and develop Billing Parish as a safe, thriving and sustainable community which is an attractive place to live and work”.

I feel that now would be a good time to reflect on what has been achieved by members of this council and others towards achieving this objective during the past twelve months.

During the last 12 months this Parish Council has been called upon to make decisions and recommendations on many varied projects ranging from planning applications, building subsidence claims, financial support of a local pre-school within a deprived area and volunteer group, support to the police in the fight against anti-social behaviour and criminal activities and the management of our many assets.

This has only been possible because of the professional knowledge and general life experience that you my fellow councillors, support staff, volunteers and outside agencies possesses.

I must acknowledge this and wish to place on record my thanks to you all for the hard work that you have given.


As to our future plans these include the refurbishment of walkways, the enhancement of wild flower meadows, replacement of old and unsafe fencing, protection work to prevent the erosion of the river bank in Little Billing Pocket Park and the continued maintenance of our Football Fields and Cricket Pitch which I understand are the envy of all of the visiting teams.


The problems of dog fouling continue to be an ongoing source of concern; however, it is hoped that with the implementation of the Public Spaces Variation Order that this should improve.  This will see it to be a criminal offence not only if you fail to pick up after your dog, but also if you are not carrying the means in which to do this.  But as you are aware, our real concerns are in the current climate where are the resources to enforce these laws coming from.

As with many problems I just feel these days that bureaucracy abounds and that things are being introduced that are not viable and there appears to be no one that can make a decision without in ordinate delays and reams of correspondence.

I am however very pleased and confident that I can rely on your support and your “commonsense” to make sure that we achieve the very best for our community.

Open Invite

In conclusion, various objectives have already been set for the forthcoming twelve months and on behalf of the Parish Council I send out an open invitation to any member of the community who feels they could assist to make contact and to either become a Councillor, or assist wherever as a volunteer

John Marlow


Dated: 14th March 2023