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 It has been proposed that approximately 100 electric charging points be installed in residential areas across Northamptonshire. The location for our parish is in the lower part of Station Road, Great Billing, opposite numbers 36 and 38 and just past the junction with Trussell Road for a length of 10.5M.   Unfortunately, the Parish Council were not consulted at the first round of consultations and only found out by accident at the very end of the consultation period.   It has objected strongly to this particular location on the following grounds:

  1. The proposed site is in a residential area where the majority of homeowners have their own driveway.
  2. We understand that charging will take three hours and as there is nowhere for anyone to go at this location we can only assume that owners would stay with their vehicles or arrange for someone to collect them and return them to the site at the end of the charging period, generating even more traffic.
  3. The location is within yards of a busy road junction.
  4. The location is adjacent to bungalows for the elderly and vulnerable and is also close to a school for disadvantaged and excluded children.
  5. The installation would create a public nuisance regarding the noise of car doors opening and closing, together with the associated noise of vehicle owners waiting for charging to be complete, i.e. telephones, radios etc.
  6. The generation of incidents of fly-tipping whereby owners take the opportunity to clear out their vehicles whilst waiting for charging to be completed.
  7. The heightened risk for road safety, i.e. people using the roadway.
  8. The installation would basically be a garage forecourt in a residential area.
  9. No confidence whatsoever that enforcement regarding misuse would take place.

The Parish Council is of the opinion that should the installation of electric charging points be deemed necessary at this time that they should be located in car parks or retail outlets.

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There is now a proposal to implement a new Traffic Regulation Order for the various locations in Northampton.  There is a survey that may be taken, with a closing date of 9th October at:

Alternatively, any objections may be emailed to with a closing date of 8th October.



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