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Chairman’s Report 2020

I hope that by the time you read this that we will have passed the peak of the Covid 19 pandemic and that life is beginning to move to some semblance of normality.  This crisis has not only changed so much of our day to day lives it has also brought out the best in society and I must acknowledge not only all the good work done by the NHS and support services, but also our own local community, many of whom have rallied to the aid of neighbours and friends.

I have been a resident in the Parish long enough to recall what it was like forty years ago and the lack of traffic (and may I say litter!) remind me of those days in the past.  The lockdown, good weather and need for exercise has seen our beautiful green spaces put to good use with numerous new faces discovering what is available to them on their doorstep.

The daffodils and bluebells planted last year in Bellinge Field have enhanced the area.  Work has to a certain extent been put on hold, but not before Paul, Dick and the volunteers managed a complete makeover of the pavilion car park, much to the appreciation of its many users.

My thanks go to our Parish and Borough Councillors for all their hard work.  Special thanks to Sue, our Parish Clerk, who manages to keep us on an even keel, and to Paul, our Green Space Manager, who is much appreciated by the whole Parish.

I would normally present this report verbally at our Annual Parish Meeting but due to the present circumstances if this takes place it will be a virtual meeting via Zoom.  Help! – and please stay safe.

John Marlow
Billing Parish Council

4th May 2020